I am thankful for all the ways Maroubra Gardens management help me from phones to photos to parcels. Marisa (Village Coordinator), John (Village Manager), and Debbie (Village Cook) are always supportive.


One of the features of Maroubra Garden is the well-appointed and comfortable Family Stay Unit, where residents can accommodate visiting family or friends at a reasonable price. I have had the good fortune to book the room for my overseas and interstate visitors many times since I moved here in 2015, and all have been extremely happy with the experience. They found the room convenient, clean, and well maintained. The best part is that they can stay so close to where I live.


Maroubra Gardens is my happy home of 24 years!

Over the years, many fellow residents have remarked to me how sorry they felt for not living here years earlier to allow them extra years.

At Maroubra Gardens, one can live as privately or as socially as desired. The variety of activities and functions from which to choose caters for an interest to suit every person.

The management of the village is very responsible and any maintenance requests are quickly completed. I have not had a single regret.


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